Update Log


Download MHR 0.88.0


  • New to MHR version More bug fixes, Arabic (Color only) has been added!
  • New to MHR version Multiple bug fixes. The database can now be cloned.
  • New to MHR version French (Gray-scale only) and Korean (Gray-scale and color) have been added! The about page no longer crashes when closed. Several grammar mistakes have been fixed. Several modifications to the code have been made to allow compatibility with old/new reports. The comprehensive graph feature now works with every report (except maybe some instances of the old report that we’re aware of.) This is about as close to release version as we’re going to get for awhile, so please let us know if there’s anything you would like to see added (or removed or modified)!
  • New to MHR version A grayscale version of the new report was added. Additionally, a report designed for older adults was also added. Several tool-tips have been added to guide users.
  • New to MHR version The new report function has been completely finished. It now requires the use of any Adobe reader or viewer to print (free and almost on any computer), rather than Microsoft Word or equivalent. Consequently, the install file size is now down to a whopping 2MB’s due to no longer requiring docx, doc, or Microsoft Interop Libraries. The old report is also fully functional, which requires only MHR to print for those rare situations where PDF handling may not be available.
  • New to MHR version Minor grammatical issues, some tweaking for performance, smoother transitions to add new patients.
  • New to MHR version A number of subtle changes have been made. The root namespace of MHR has been changed from “VBMHRalpha” to “MHRalpha.” The security of the databases has also been substantially increased. It is recommended that users who have previous versions of MHR export their databases and install the version or greater as soon as possible, then import their databases.
  • New to MHR version The new report option has returned and is functional. The new report requires a word (docx) editor to be installed on the computer in order to print properly. Unfortunately, OpenOffice and LibreOffice do not render the document correctly. The word editor requirement will be changed in future versions, but we’d like to get some feedback on the new report. Word Viewer allows the document to be printed correctly, and is available for free here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=4The old report is still available and only requires an attached printer to print correctly. MHR now stores pulse ox information – but is only included in the new report.
  • New to MHR version Added some functions to the database tools menu that allow the user to find the address of the current database to make networking databases easier. Removed the debug form and other non-functional buttons to make it easier to use for non-programming folks. Also removed the new-generate report functions, it was distracting for new users and isn’t completely done yet. (For those who still like the debug form, it can be enabled by modifying the program’s settings options – which are stored in the same directory as MHR.)
  • New to MHR version Some general remodeling of the internal code. Outwardly, astute users will notice the ‘exit’ button on the starting form. Also added a temporary button in the generate report form that is a work in progress for incorporating the new version of the report. Called “new generate”, which is next to the button for generating the old report. Also added the ability for MHR to check for updates, and this nifty update log that’s being written here!