“My Health Report came at the ideal time for our needs. We were embarking on a 40 days of free community screening with 2 new mobile medical and dental units. I wanted something not dependent on the internet, volunteer friendly, and easy to use that could help us educate the public on their health risks. MHR proved to be that, and more. It allows 5 minutes training, easy data entry and printable reports that include results and tailored education based on those results! We couldn’t be more pleased. Our program has taken route and become a permanent part of our organization. And we are continuing to use MHR. Those churches, clinics or volunteers looking for smart free software will love this system. Any one desiring to support this important work will give wisely if you support the efforts of the students who created MHR. They are only limited by their ability to find and donate computers and spread the word about a great system helping us do great things for the community.”
Lydia R. Best, MD
Medical Director
Covenant Community Care, Inc.
“Cass clinic just recently implemented the new My Health Report. We service a patient population that requires many years of chronic care. The reception to MHR has been overwhelmingly positive. MHR allows our patients to feel like they are a part of their treatment. The information presented in MHR is succinct and clear, giving the patients much needed insight into their disease and methods of improvement. The interface for MHR is clean and extremely simple to use, making rapid implementation into the patient visit time/cost effective. Knowledge is a powerful weapon in fighting disease and this software takes Cass one step closer to success.”
Michael Kaufman,
M.D. Candidate, Class of 2014
Cass Clinic Coordinator
Wayne State University School of Medicine
“My Health Report provides patients with valuable information regarding their health status in a concise format. The patients at the Madison Heights Chinese Community APAMSA (Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association) Health Screenings really liked how they are able to get a personalized report that provides them with information on various aspects of their health. My Health Report is available in Chinese and it allows our patients to gain basic knowledge on blood glucose, BMI, cholesterol, and others. The report also provides them with recommendations on how to improve their health. Another nice feature about My Health Report is that it allows patients to track their progress. After implementing My Health Report in APAMSA Health Screenings, I have had many patients that came up to me saying how useful and easy to read the reports were. It was great cooperating with OSM in the APAMSA Health Screenings. “
Shih-Fan Sun,
M.D. Candidate, Class of 2014
APAMSA Health Fair Coordinator
Wayne State University School of Medicine