Open Source Medicine (OSM) operates under the umbrella of the Wayne State University School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs. OSM is a student organization that focuses on developing technology-based solutions to a variety of challenges within our community and our school. The goal of OSM is to facilitate the education of medicine to students and to provide an avenue for students to educate each other as well as their community.

OSM believes in the power of sharing knowledge with peers as well as with patients. We seek members of all skill levels to contribute to projects that focus on education and technology as they pertain to medicine. Ultimately, OSM strives to be a community that helps develop well-rounded physicians who will shape the future dynamics of medicine.

Technology & Education

OSM catalyzes the creation of modern educational tools by bringing together ideas, technology and the people behind them. Draw It Know It, an educational YouTube series which continues to grow in popularity, started as a few creative memory-aids in a small study group. As the popularity of the memory aids grew, some individuals with a background in digital video worked with the group to bring their work onto the Internet.

Members of OSM have been developing a software application, My Health Report, that will provide customized patient-education reports to health fair patrons and patients in a clinical practice setting. The software transforms lab values available from screening tests that are regularly performed (such as BP, blood glucose level, total cholesterol, or HDL) into a structured print-out report that consolidates the patient’s results and provides context for their meanings through targeted educational material.

Business & Policy

Almost by definition, a physicians primary concern is the health of the patient. However, business has become a substantial dimension of medicine. One of our principal goals at OSM is to further the medical students understanding of the business side of medicine.

With the ever-rising cost of tuition and unsettling interest rates brought on by student loans, medical students must not ignore that our education is an investment; an investment not only in the sense of the health of our future patients, but also in regards to our own financial stability. As an organization, OSM will bring forth resources in order to educate students on debt management.

Generally speaking, hospitals, personal practices, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical-supply companies are all in the business of gaining profits. The physician is the common denominator in this conglomeration of business and medicine. Thus, it is vital that medical students are educated in such intricacies. OSM will recruit local professionals in order to give insight into areas such as insurance, reimbursement earnings, financial planning, and physician income.

As physicians, we are the bearer of peoples health. In being so, physicians have a responsibility in shaping health care policy in a way which serves the patients best interest. The cost of health care seems to be exponentially increasing, forcing health care more expensive for the insured and more difficult to obtain for the uninsured. Simply put, the American health care system is truly in a state of crisis, and that is why it is immensely important that physicians play a major role in the policy making of our countrys health care. OSM aims to provide an avenue to educate both medical students and the community in the political and legislative aspects of medicine which ultimately will alter the delivery of health care in America.