AAMC Spencer Foreman Award

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The Association of American Medical Colleges has selected the Wayne State University School of Medicine as one of three finalists for the association’s annual Spencer Foreman Award for Outstanding Community Service.

Open Source Medicine is proud to join our colleague student service organizations in representing outstanding medical student community service efforts on July 24th to the AAMC site visit committee for the Spencer Foreman Award.

The prestigious award recognizes community service as an important element of the academic mission, and singles out institutions that serve as examples of social responsiveness for academic medical communities. Medical schools and hospitals that receive the award have a broad-based, continuing commitment to community service in a variety of programs and initiatives reactive to community and social needs.

For more information, catch up with Prognosis E-News.

2014 Tshirt Fundraiser

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Back by popular demand
for a limited time
Open Source Medicine fundraiser:
WSUSOM Heart T-Shirts!
Please click here if you are interested!
Stay tuned for dates to purchase on campus.


What does your money support?
My Health Report – free patient education resource for the local community
ExamSource – free question bank for your upcoming exam
WikiNotes – free digital course packs
MedShorts – free, short and focused educational videos
History of Medicine Lecture series
+ any student initiative you bring to us!
Visit OSMSO.org for more information!

ExamSource: Relaunched

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We are very happy to announce the relaunch of ExamSource, a free question bank platform for students studying the medical sciences. It is based on the crowd-sourcing concept: Questions are submitted by registered users (free to join!) and must be peer-reviewed before entering active circulation. Questions can be flagged, thus re-entering the peer-review pool. Users are able to bookmark questions for later access and review from their account page. Performance statistics are available on the population level as well as for the individual user to identify weak subjects. The question bank has been designed with mobile computing in mind, users are able to sign in from any computer or handheld, web-enabled device to practice for that upcoming exam.

The project has undergone extensive development since its debut and has been put to the test on the two recent MS2 exams for Hematology and Cardiovascular Pathophysiology where we administered more than 700 quizzes. More than 260 accounts have been created so far. Click here to view more statistics about this project.

Interested in helping us with this project? We need students to help with things like:

  • Writing & peer-reviewing questions
  • Publicizing the project on WSUSOM’s campus
  • Publicizing the project to schools around the country
  • Recruiting students for all of these purposes!

We are able to offer an educational elective during MS4 for students to write questions for ExamSource. This is a very interview-schedule friendly rotation.

Contact us today if you are interested in helping!

2014-2015 OSM Leaders

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Congratulations to the new Open Source Medicine leadership for 2014-2015!

Sabrina Lin and Ankit Singla

Rebecca Fisher

Lea Selitsky

Aiste Baltuonyte and Karla Zoratti
My Health Report Coordinators

Dan Overbeek, Lea Selitsky, and Anay Thodge
History of Medicine Coordinators

Rebecca Fisher and Sabrina Lin
WikiNotes Coordinators

Douglas Rottmann and Laura RubleExamSource Coordinators

Leadership Elections 2014-15

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Open Source Medicine
the student organization that brought you such classic hits as:
The Streaming Media Website
My Health Report
Draw It Know It
History of Medicine lecture series
and many more!

Open Source Medicine will be holding E-board elections
Wednesday, February 12 at 4pm in Mazurek 305.
We will be providing pizza for dinner.
We need self-motivated MS1 students!
You DO NOT need to have programming experience or glasses held together by tape to come join our ranks!

Please click here to let us know you are coming so we order enough pizza!

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New Leadership

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Congratulations to the new Open Source Medicine leadership for 2013-2014!

Co-Presidents: Shirley Xu and Sean Mutchnick

Treasurer: Laura Ruble

Secretary: Douglas Rottmann

My Health Report Coordinators: Elisabeth Cyrek, Paul Nona, Chris Bill, and Anish Abrol

Civil War Medicine

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Open Source Medicine recently hosted a lecture from Dr. Brad Walters, Emergency Medicine Physician at Beaumont Hospital.  Dr. Walters has an interest in the history of Emergency Medicine, and presented an excellent lunch lecture on the treatment of patients injured during the Civil War, especially those needing emergency surgeries and amputations.  Special thanks to Dr. Walters for taking time out of his schedule to present to us, and to Daniel Overbeek, Eleni Papalekas and Philip Shaheen for working to set up this lecture.

Stay tuned for more History of Medicine lectures coming in the near future!

AAMC Conference November, 2012

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At the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) conference in November 2012, My Health Report (MHR) was once again put on display and met with great enthusiasm from schools across the Country. As a student-drive patient initiative, MHR sparked the AAMC with ideas on how to improve health screening and patient education. In addition, schools across the country now have full-access to our free product. Stay tuned for more on MHR as we move to a national patient education model!

Open Source Medicine and Project Healthy Living: August Health Fair

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Eighteen M1s volunteered at Project Healthy Living’s August Health Fair at Motor City Java House in Detroit on Friday, August 31st. Merely days after their first exams, it made the last month of studying worth it. The medical students manned the booths at the health fair, including registration, the height and weight station, the vision station, blood pressure, My Health Report, and My Health Cafe, a new addition to Project Healthy Living’s health fairs centered on My Health Report. Cafe tables with health snacks and refreshments awaited patients who had questions about their health. Medical students used My Health Report to counsel patients on the significance of their values they obtained and how to improve blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose levels, and smoking.

Photography services provided by Allison Zarbo.

Temple of I AM and Henry Ford Hospital Health Fair

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Medical students from Wayne State University School of Medicine volunteered to operate My Health Report through Open Source Medicine at the 5th Annual Temple of I AM Community & Resource Health Fair on Saturday, August 18th, 2012. It included:

  • health screenings, provided by Henry Ford Hospital
  • mammograms, provided by Northland Radiology’s Mobile Unit
  • fitness activities
  • school supply give-aways
  • a petting farm with pony rides
  • lunch and snacks
  • community resource information
  • My Health Report, a free and personalized health report with information on blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, BMI, and smoking cessation

A total of 15 first- and second-year medical students volunteered their Saturday to provide My Health Report for the community.

Photography services provided by Brita Smeenge.